Photo Booth Rental Los Angeles

Photo Booth Rental

Looking to rent a photo booth for your next event? RJ AV Rentals is proud to be launching a new alternative service to photo booth rental.

Eventstagram is a web app for event organizers to display a real-time slideshow of photos taken at an event. As soon as a photo is taken and tagged through Instagram™ on a smartphone it appears on the screen or projector at the event for everyone to enjoy.

As guests take Instagram images the photos and videos are instantly shown on a live display, which can be customized to match any events requirements. The feeds provide engaging user generated content for live events, as well as increasing the social media impact of the event outside of the venue.


Product Features and Benefits

  • Interactive Feature – Our live slideshows encourage users to use Instagram on their smartphones to become part of the event.
  • Fully customizable templates to cater to your specific event.
  • Automatically upload photos to a Facebook page, giving you another way to collect all of the photos from your event and gain more “Likes” at the same time.
  • Printing – Instant gratification. Print Instagram & Twitter photos right at the event.
  • Advertising –  Add interstitial ads to your slideshows. Eventstagram  allows you to add videos and images for commercial advertising at your event or location.
  • No more waiting in line for the photo booth. Anyone with a smartphone can upload photos instantly
  • Security – All photos will be closely monitored by our compliance department for approval before going live on the slideshow.


For more information contact RJ AV Rentals.

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