Client: Microsoft

Event Name: The Gate Millenium Scholars Program
Event Type: Multiple General Sessions and break out rooms.
Description: One of RJ AV’s proudest events. This was a three day event that took place at Westin Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles. This unique event had over 1000 attendees and required on site technical support. RJ AV Inc. was responsible for all of the audio visual production elements, including lighting, sound, projection and camera. Our expertise in organization, planning and timing was a critical asset to a successful and seamless event.
Equipment: Projectors, Screens, Microphones, Speakers, Lighting

Client: Pacific BMW

Event Name: 30 Year Anniversary Party
Event Type: Visual Presentation
Description: This was a unique event that was hosted at the Verdugo Hills Country Club in Glendale, Ca with over 300 attendees. RJ AV Inc. was responsible for presenting a slide show representing Pacific BMW’s growth in the last 30 years.
Equipment: Projector, Screen, Laptop, Sound System

Client: Taglyan Cultural Complex

Event Name: Digital Seating Chart
Event Type: Wedding
Description: RJ AV Inc. provided the wedding guests a modern visual display of the seating chart. Displayed on a 60” High Definition Plasma television guests were listed in alphabetical order along side their corresponding table number. Our clients wanted their wedding to be memorable and we are happy to have made that possible.
Equipment: 60” HD Plasma TV

Client: Watson Pharmaceuticals

Event Name: Rapaflo Presentation
Event Type: Webcast
Description: RJ AV Inc. provided Watson Pharmaceuticals a more effective form of communication and education for its clients. This live presentation was broadcasted via the Internet and projected simultaneously to multiple venues.
Equipment: Projector, Screen, Laptop, Sound System, Internet Access