Video Equipment Rentals

Our technicians and event specialists will plan the video perfect presentation setup based on the venue size, lighting, inputs and on the screen resolution required. Choose from a variety of LCD Projectors and flat panel LCD TVs.

Projector Rentals

ProjectorsOur team of exceptionally trained projector rental specialists are ready to help you pick out the ideal LCD projector for your next special event. Whether you are looking for something basic for a powerpoint presentation or looking to play a High Definition movie, RJ AV Rentals has you covered. We offer easy do-it-yourself instructions or  full on-site support. Don’t forget to check out or projection screens. For more information contact RJ AV Rentals or request a quick quote

Projection Screen Rentals

ScreensRJ AV Rentals has a large inventory of portable tripod screens, along with fast folding screens. We have every screen size to fit your special event. Our projection screens start at 4′ and go as large at 15′ x 20′. You might also be interested in Speakers Rentals, Microphones Rentals, or Conference Equipment Rentals. For more information contact RJ AV Rentals or request a quick quote.

TV Rentals

TVsRJ AV Rentals offer a full range of video display rental solutions for meetings and events including flat panel monitors with bright, brilliant displays that can connect to any computer, DVD player, VCR, cable/ satellite box, or other video input device. Our vast inventory ranges from 17” up to 75”. For more information contact RJ AV Rentals or request a quick quote